From WSAV: Local jazz bar reopens after being closed for over a year due to pandemic

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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah’s music venues are starting to make a comeback after being closed due to the pandemic. Jazz music is alive again after going dark for over a year.

“It’s a question to the answer we’ve been getting for the last year. When are you going to open?” Chef Joe Randall said.

Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant will reopen this Friday. A private event was held Thursday to prep for the big day.

“Our hopes to reopen were like everybody else. We first thought it would last two weeks, maybe a month or two months,” Randall said.

But it lasted more than a year. Several employees were sent home to depend on unemployment benefits. Some were lucky enough to find new jobs.

“It’s so great to see everybody. I’m so happy that we’re opening back up,” Manager, Chrisma Walker said.

The main reason for the long closure was to keep staff and customers safe as positive coronavirus case numbers continued to rise. Chef Randall couldn’t take any chances himself with a wife at home who has underlying conditions.

“So my main objective was for me to be safe so I couldn’t take anything home to cause her to be sick,” he said.

Governor Brian Kemp’s new executive order took effect earlier this month loosening Georgia’s COVID-19 restrictions. It eliminates the gatherings ban and reduces any remaining distance requirements. Until those restrictions were lifted the doors at Good Times Jazz Bar stayed closed.

“We were just at home staying safe so that we would be well enough that when this day came that we’d be ready to come back and get open again,” Randall said.

The jazz bar saw most of its employees return to work, but they could still use more servers and staff in the kitchen. To apply, email or call 912-236-2226.

Local jazz bar reopens after being closed for over a year due to pandemic | WSAV-TV